Young Linguist Award

The Young Linguist Award is given every year to the young linguist presenting the best first-time, single-authored paper at the annual conference.  “Young” is thus to be interpreted in terms of experience at presenting papers, and not in terms of age.

If the conference is a joint conference with any other similar association, all young linguists (whether affiliated with SALALS or any of the other associations) qualify for the award.  The young linguist does not need to be a member of any of the associations.

As only presenters of single-authored papers are eligible, supervisors and mentors should be aware of the implications of putting their names on student presentations – especially in cases where the student does the majority of the work.  Guest authorship is thus discouraged.


  1. First-time presenters of single-authored papers are encouraged to identify themselves to the conference organizers at Registration. Self-nomination ensures that no-one who qualifies is left out.  Supervisors and senior colleagues are also encouraged to identify young linguists that they are aware of.
  2. The evaluation sheet is used to evaluate each and every presentation by first-time presenters who identify themselves as such.
  3. The chair of the session in which a first-time presenter is presenting evaluates the presenter according to the evaluation sheet. The chair submits anonymous evaluation sheets to the executive of SALALS.
  4. In some instances, a senior member of SALALS may also evaluate the presentation, if they happen to be in the audience.
  5. The executive of SALALS meets and discusses the evaluation sheets and comes to a final decision. An award does not have to be made e.g. if nobody achieves an overall rating of more than 70%.
  6. The announcement is made at the closing of the conference, or at the earliest opportunity thereafter.
  7. A certificate is prepared by the Secretary of SALALS and posted to the Young Linguist and the award is posted on the SALALS website. Award winners also are admitted as members of SALALS for one year without the need for a subscription fee.

Previous Young Linguist Award recipients

2023 Kgabane Lengane
2022 Paige Cox
2021 Peter Junior Tshetu & Sefela Yalala
2019 Ajohche Nkemngu Awungjia
2018 Susan (Modiegi) Njeyiyana; Cecilia Erasmus; Nina Brink; Chantelle Kruger; Muhle Sibisi
2016 Naledi Kgolo
2015 Nina Brink
2014 Tracey Toefey & Faheem Suliman
2012 Mooniq Shaikjee & Nosipho Makhanya
2011 Pule (Nicholas) Welch
2010 Paul Nkamta & Edwin Seleka
2007 Dieter Hartmann
2006 Arista da Silva & Princess Bembe
2005 Julia de Kadt & Susan Lombard
2003 Ondene van Dulm
1999 Catherine Beaton
1996 Mbulelo Jokweni
1995 Bertus van Rooy
1994 L Molnarfi & WF Botha
1993 Henning Pieterse
1992 D Ehlers
1988 August Cluver & Ilse Feinhauer (voortreflike referaat)