Category: Awards & Funding

Honorary membership awarded to Prof Daan Wissing

The SALALS honorary membership is awarded by the Executive Committee to persons who have made significant achievements in the Society’s field of focus and/or have made a noteworthy contribution to the Society’s activities. At the 2020 virtual AGM, Herculene Kotzé, in her capacity as SALALS chairperson, presented Prof Daan Wissing with an honorary membership award.

SALALS Seed funding for linguistics events

Call for proposals for events to be hosted during 2019 First Deadline: 1 March 2019   If no feasible applications are received by the deadline then proposals can be submitted at any time other during the year and awards will be made on a case-by-case basis. Background Section 2 and Section 8 of the SALALS

Young Linguist Award

The Young Linguist Award is given every year to the young linguist presenting the best first-time, single-authored paper at the annual conference.  “Young” is thus to be interpreted in terms of experience at presenting papers, and not in terms of age. If the conference is a joint conference with any other similar association, all young