Month: February 2019

SALALS Seed funding for linguistics events

Call for proposals for events to be hosted during 2019 First Deadline: 1 March 2019   If no feasible applications are received by the deadline then proposals can be submitted at any time other during the year and awards will be made on a case-by-case basis. Background Section 2 and Section 8 of the SALALS

Young Linguist Award

The Young Linguist Award is given every year to the young linguist presenting the best first-time, single-authored paper at the annual conference.  “Young” is thus to be interpreted in terms of experience at presenting papers, and not in terms of age. If the conference is a joint conference with any other similar association, all young

Resources and Links

Related organisations and boards ALASA – African Language Association of Southern Africa AFRILEX – African Association for Lexicography LASU – Linguistics association of SADC universities PanSALB – Pan South African Language Board SAALT – South African Association for Language Teaching SATI – South African Translators’ Institute Applied Linguistics Center for Applied Linguistics News and information

SAALT and SALALS Joint Annual Language Conference 2019

The call is out! Come to Pretoria in June/July for our annual joint conference together with the South African Association of Language Teachers (SAALT). Theme: Indigenous languages in contemporary African society Dates: 30 June – 04 July 2019 The intellectual theme was chosen in recognition of the fact that 2019 is the United Nations’ International Year of